GOLD Membership

GOLD Membership has been created to help train Business Builders, SME Coaches and Merchants with the resources they need to make the Lyoness business successful in their line of activities. The cost covers the ongoing development of the training resources, videos, website hosting, administration, etc.

Although we are a registered business with ASIC we believe that we have been put in a position of trust to bring you quality education at a price that is affordable, and which enhances any other training that you may receive from Lyoness or business coaches. The training provided within this website is not meant to remove your upline or depose of your SME Coach, but is intended to complement them so that your business can be driven further with the tools and resources available within this website. (To get a whole lot more from STARS Mastery, you may also want to consider joining as a PLATINUM Member.)

GOLD Membership to the STARS Mastery website includes all the benefits of FREE membership, with the complete list being:

  • Shopping made easy videos
  • Purchase event tickets
  • Deal Spotter
  • Business Builder Library of resources
  • Business Builder Library of How To videos
  • SME Coach Library of resources
  • SME Coach Library of How To videos
  • Personal Development Library of resources
  • Personal Development Library of audios and videos
  • Merchant Library of resources
  • Merchant Library of How to videos
  • Webinars
  • Past training recordings
  • Calendar of STARS events in our region
  • News items
  • Regular emails about STARS events

We will be adding new information that will super-charge your ability to make new contacts, improve your leadership skills, broaden your networking capabilities, and strengthen your position in the Lyoness ‘family’.

Gold Yearly

1 year of access

Gold Yearly Trial

per year