About Us

What is the STARS Program?

STARS stands for Skills – Teamwork – Achievement – Recognition – Success

Our Mission Statement is to deliver education and training for the betterment of the Lyoness program in the region.

Monthly Training
Monthly training functions are planned for Brisbane first of all, on the first Sunday of each month. The cost of tickets is $30. Spouse is free to their first event and half price thereafter ie $15. Your cost of tickets covers the training function, afternoon tea and a free business tool. Entrance to training functions is by ticket only, with no ticket sales at the door.
Three major functions per year are also planned. A full weekend event spanning training all day Saturday, party Saturday night and more training till mid- afternoon on Sunday. The first full weekend event is planned for the first weekend in June 2015.
Two main features of the STARS training is the Ten+ Leaders Meeting and the Recognitions segment. The 10+ Leaders Meeting is when any member who has 10 members from their team attend the monthly training can attend the Ten+ Leaders Meeting, held before the main training event. The 50% Rule applies ie 5 members from any one leg.
Leaders who attend the 10+ Meeting are acknowledged at the main training session. Seats will be reserved in the first two rows for members who qualify as a 10+ Leader. 10+ Leaders will be invited to a Leaders Dinner directly after the training. Members can aspire to attend 10+ Leaders Meeting.
The Recognitions segment is to acknowledge members who have achieved significant Lyoness milestones in their business. This may be because they have qualified or confirmed a new career level, registered or installed a merchant this month, achieved Cashback Club status, earned the Shining Star award or be an Under 30 Young New Marketer.
Recognitions will be held on the Red Carpet at the front of the room. You can plan to be on the Red Carpet at the next STARS function.

Book of the Month
Another exciting feature of the STARS program is the Book of the Month (BOM). We all know that Leaders are readers, and expose themselves to new ideas. Imagine what can happen when a whole lot of people are reading the same book and improving their skills.
Members can purchase their own BOM copy from any Lyoness merchant ie Dymocks, Booktopia, Ebooks to participate. BOM for December is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Ensure you purchase your copy of this classic book, written in 1937, and read it during December.

Incentive Program
The STARS Incentive Program is for members to strive to achieve certain criteria. To be a Shining Star, members must achieve the following criteria:

  1. Read BOM.
  2. Shopped $750 personal volume
  3. Attended STARS training Function.

There will be other incentives as well, with recognition at the monthly functions. When you are successful at achieving the incentives repeatedly, you will be invited to a special invitation- only party at the end of the year.

There is also a mini Expo at each monthly function where SMEs can promote their business, place business cards and brochures on the display table, give away samples, offer a Shopping Point Deal for attendees, have their pull-up banners displayed around the room, donate a Lucky Door prize or have their image on the SME slide show on the big screen during afternoon tea break.
The Recognition segment for merchants is an opportunity for merchants to stand and promote their business. Time per merchant will depend on how many merchants attend. Merchants are encouraged to say their name and business name, describe what they do in one to two sentences, present a special offer for attendees and how members can contact them.
The successful formula for segments at the training sessions include the 10+ Leaders meeting for one hour before the main function. The main training function will then cover segments such as:

  1. Lyoness/ Lyconet – info about Lyoness for new people
  2. SME information segment – info about the SME program
  3. Recognitions – in 2 segments ie members who qualify for recognitions and merchants to promote their business
  4. Personal Development – information about character development
  5. Technical – units, Lyconet information
  6. Motivation – get set for the upcoming month

Dress Code at STARS functions is business attire ie smart casual.
We look forward to seeing you at the next STARS function.

Financial Information
Our accounts are audited by Dahl and Dahl Accountants to ensure that all profits are used in the advancement of the STARS incentive programs, as per our guidelines in our incentive program..