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Our Trainers, Experts & Guests

Derek is the nuts n bolts side of the operation his technical knowledge and strategies go way past the normal, he has provided the strategy for success.

Derek Miller CL5

Jan is the STAR of the organisation at the moment bringing on more and more ESP members.  Watch this girl and follow in her footsteps to success.

jan Mccloskey CL3

Dan is the simple end of the business and comes to the table from the blue collar end of the operation.  Everything needs to be passed by Dan to ensure that the numbers add up. He also wears the hat as the in house sound guru!

Dan McCloskey CL3

Your Time Is Precious

Regular Events

Live and online events to make it easy and convienient. Doesn't mater where you are, worldwide.

Computer or Phone

We know this modern world is not just computers, everything we do we aim to make it for mobiles.

We Do Notes & Recordings

Never miss a things, everything we do is recoded and notorised so you can see it anytime.

Take control over messages

What you send out is important, tools and strategies to help you share your messages, fast & easy.

“First thanks so very much for all you do for us with the Stars Mastery site and webinars.
They are the most informative and interesting topics and updates available for Cashbackworld and Lyconet. I really appreciate all you are doing.”

Our Training

We structure the training so you can get what you need as you need it. From Shopping to Lyconet Business Builders and Merchants we have got you covered.

The Basics, to Advanced, the team at STARS strives to keep you updated.

In Person Events and Conferences

The best way to experience the fastrack to success is to attend events and conferences, we run both regularly for you!

"Simply the best Lyconet training... ever!”

It was a really incredible experience for me. The quality of information was matched by the caliber of participants and the networking. I look forward to attending other similar events. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.
Sandra P
Lyconet Buisness Member (Platinum Elite)

About us

We are based in Australia (Brisbane)however our business is worldwide, we travel often to talk, train and educate those CBW and Lyconet marketers and Merchants who want to gain a distinct advantage.

Our mission

Simply: We want to share, educate and empower all of those around us with the right knowledge to get the most out of life, business, CBW and  Lyconet.
We want to provide the  best training and mentoring possible… Worldwide!

What We Offer

  • Consumer Training
  • Lyconet Training & Skills
  • Merchant Training & Resources
  • Regular Q and A Sessions
  • Private Mentoring